We Built This City

Just a few miles north of Atlanta, a man suits up and walks down a path into the woods. He slides a drawer from a cabinet and lifts it to inspect it more closely. The hum of a warm greeting is in the air. The man studies the drawer as hundreds of bees wiggle across it, going about their work. They are creating something here, a home for generations, a space literally overflowing with life. The mayor slides the drawer back in place, walks inside and changes into a different suit. Then he goes to work, too.

The people of Sandy Springs have made this city what they want it to be. They keep bees and serve as leaders in community. They raise children and play video games. They hike one of the country’s most-used urban national recreation areas and ride MARTA downtown in the same day. Watch the videos below to meet the people who built this city. The people who make Sandy Springs the vibrant, welcoming place it is. Then, if you feel so inclined, pay us a visit. We have a feeling you’ll love it here as much as we do. 

Jan & Rusty Paul

Leadership Sandy Springs & City of Sandy Springs

Mayor - Executive Director - Husband - Wife - Beekeeper - Parents - Outdoor Enthusiasts

“[Sandy Springs has] all the things you want to have in an urban environment, but a more relaxed kind of feel, and people really enjoy that.” - Mayor Rusty Paul

Jamie Adams

il Giallo Osteria & Bar

Chef - Restaurant Owner - “Chopped” Competitor - Cyclist - Traveler - Volunteer

Susan & Laura Stachler


Mother - Daughter - Artist - Baker - Cancer Survivor - Business Owner

“We've been [in Sandy Springs] for 30 years. It was small, and now it's going to be a booming little city.” - Laura Stachler

Scott Boze

CSM Bakery Solutions

Father - Husband - Executive - Traveler - Sports Enthusiast

Around Sandy Springs