Big Trees Forest Preserve

John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve is a beautiful and unique 30-acre Fulton County Tree, Plant and Wildlife Sanctuary. Situated in the heart of Sandy Springs, this federally recognized, old growth forest, preserves a threatened environment through concentrated conservation efforts. It relies on donations and volunteers to maintain its beauty as an oasis in the middle of Sandy Springs.

The forest truly lives up to the “Big Trees” name with a towering canopy of hardwoods and softwoods, which you can learn more about along its network of trails. 

The longest trail is the “Back Country Trail”. Coming in at around .75 miles. You can find a variety of flora along the trail banks including, dogwoods, sourwoods, blueberries, sparkleberries, and more! Be prepared for a hilly terrain, with interesting rock features and mounds. The trail passes by two historical Sandy Springs landmarks: the “Bull Sluice Railroad”, which was used to haul material to the Morgan Falls hydroelectric dam, and the former “Roswell Road”, a wagon trail used in the 1800s and the inspiration behind the Roswell Road we know today!

There is also a collection of smaller trails that are perfect for a quiet stroll, or walking your leashed, furry friend! Here is a trail map for a better visual.