Things to Do with Kids

These are the moments you’re going to frame on the staircase wall and gaze longingly at when your kid has moved off to school and only comes home to do laundry and ask for money and eat all your favorite cereal then put the empty box back in the cabinet. Moments like these: Kayaking together down the Chattahoochee River. Exploring our award-winning parks. Ice skating and packing picnics and hiking together. Make each moment meaningful and bring your kids to Sandy Springs.

Go Play Outside

Chattahoochee River and National Recreation Area: Hop in a kayak or canoe and spend the day paddling the legendary Chattahoochee River, or take a hike as a family on the trails of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park: Pack a picnic and enjoy a playground with one of the best views around.

Make Learning Fun, Seriously

Young Chefs Academy: Teach your kids how to cook – that is, drop them off at Young Chefs Academy and let them do it. The YCA programs teach children food preparation skills in a safe, creative environment that encourages fun and innovation in the kitchen.

Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park: Museum meets playground at this imaginative public park, named “Best of Atlanta 2014” by Atlanta Magazine. Kids will experience how fun art can be while climbing, jumping, crawling and swinging from interactive sculptures and structures, from mosaic walls to whimsical jungle gyms.

Do Something Different

Mastermind Escape Games: Nothing says “family bonding” like being trapped in a room together. And by trapped, we mean your group will have to work under pressure to solve puzzles, find clues and crack codes to escape themed rooms and win the game.

Center Ice Arena: They’ll whirl, they’ll twirl, they’ll fall on their butt, cry hysterically then get back up again. They’ll hold your hand while you skate in circles together and feel inexplicably warm and happy and whole.

Around Sandy Springs