Sandy Springs "Take it to the River" Lantern Parade



Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2023 Sandy Springs Lantern Parade on April 15th. You truly helped to make the magic!


Parade Start: Steel Canyon Golf Club, 460 Morgan Falls Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Parade End: Morgan Falls Overlook Park, 200 Morgan Falls Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30350


Image of the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade with Logo


Join the parade with the giant lantern puppets and everyone’s favorite marching band, the Black Sheep Ensemble!

The Sandy Springs Lantern Parade, also known as Take it to the River Lantern Parade, is a family-friendly event designed by artist Chantelle Rytter. Parade participants walk along Morgan Falls Road (from Steel Canyon Golf Club to Morgan Falls Overlook Park), carrying LED lanterns that they’ve created themselves!

Pre-parade activities begin at 6 p.m. in the Steel Canyon Golf Club parking lot (460 Morgan Falls Rd). Prior to the parade, participants can enjoy music, food trucks, and children’s activities. 

The parade steps off at 8:15 p.m. The parade strolls from the Steel Canyon Golf Club to Morgan Falls Overlook Park (400 Morgan Falls Rd).  The parade is a glowing procession of light, color, and music, with Sanderson the Flying Pig in the lead! This year’s parade will feature Rosie and Bill, a darling pair of giant Roseate Spoonbill lantern puppets, and their huge wood stork friends, Click and Clack! All the giant lantern puppets are created by lantern parade artist, Chantelle Rytter.

New this year! As the parade arrives at Morgan Falls Overlook Park, there will be a magical, immersive experience allowing participants up-close and personal encounters with the larger-than-life, iconic "Take it to the River" lanterns, created by Chantelle Rytter. The up-close lantern encounters will include Jeremiah the Bullfrog, Georgia Kissyfish, and Alice the 25-foot Albino Alligator!