Morgan Falls Overlook Park

Nestled in next to the picturesque Blue Sluice Lake, you can find Morgan Falls Overlook Park, one of Sandy Springs finest nature preservation projects. Opened to the public in 2010, this 30-acre park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for one to enjoy. Go for a hike on a 0.7-mile loop trail for quick exercise and some beautiful views of the lake, visit the High Country Outfitters Paddle Shack to rent out a kayak or canoe for a day on the water, or toss a frisbee and lounge around in the green-area.

You can also find an artfully designed playground, fully equipped with a jungle gym, swing-set, and more! Three covered pavilions located next to the playground, which serve as a perfect spot for lunch out of the sun! They operate on a first come, first serve basis, but can be reserved for larger groups, such as a birthday party or family reunion with a permit from the city. Rental information can be found here, and please don't hesitate to contact us at for info on hotels!

Despite opening in 2010, Morgan Falls Overlook Park has plenty of history under its belt. Located on the north end of the park, you can find the historic home-site of the Power family, a group of pioneers that operated a ferry there for over a hundred years. All that remains of the original home is a lone chimney, but the addition of a fire pit and bench swings make for a lovely hangout spot!

Just down the road from the park, you can find river access, which is perfect for fishing, kayaking, or lounging! Also, don’t be afraid to bring your pup! There is a fenced in dog park, perfect for you and your buddy to get some much-needed outdoor time.