Summer’s here, and while Hotlanta may be hot, we in Sandy Springs are too busy chilling on the Chattahoochee to notice. This river is more than a river. It’s our lifeblood. It’s where we play hard after working hard. It’s where we swim, fish, float and do yoga. People have raced on it, sent paper lanterns down it, sang about it. You can do all of that on your perfect river day trip to Sandy Springs. You’re only seven steps away.

Step 1: Text All Your Friends

"Spontaneous day Sunshine Emoji trip anyone? Let's fish Fish Emoji or float Canoe Emoji the Chattahoochee River! Pick you up in 10! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Drink Emoji

(Our focus groups responded well to this message, so use it and expect RSVPs to roll in fast.)

Step 2: Be Decisive

SUP yoga, trout fishing, kayaking, rafting, paddleboarding or tubing? Pick one. Or two. Or decide to do them all over the span of a week

Step 3: Prep Your Beach Body

Get out last year’s swimsuits. Find a mirror. Look. Stop looking. Realize that fly fishing does not require a swimsuit. Smile.


Step 4: Reserve Your Gear

If you don’t have your own floating or boating gear, fear not. Our two local outfitters can supply you with a raft, kayak, paddle board or tube, toss you a life vest and wish you a hearty “bon voyage” before sending you out on the water.

Step 5: Pack Your Car

Snacks are important. We recommend Cheezits (inspired by our #Chattahoocheese photo contest winner), sandwiches from Gruby’s New York Deli or Chapmans Cafe, a cooler of drinks and lots of water.

Don’t forget your fishing pole, a towel, last season’s swimsuit and sunglasses. Oh, and sunscreen. Nobody likes a lobster with Cheezit dust on his chin.

Step 6: Hit The Road

Pile in and make your way to Sandy Springs, Georgia! We made a playlist for your road trip featuring a mix of country, classics and pop. Hit play and hit the road, Jack or Jane.

Step 7: Float On

The Chattahoochee awaits! Get out there and enjoy a safe and refreshing day on the river.

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