Here's a quiz for you. What's the best part of the holiday season?

A. The crisp & cool winter weather

B. Spending quality time with friends and family

C. Yummy treats and tasty drinks

D. Giving a well-thought out gift to a loved one. 

We here at Visit Sandy Springs think the answer is quite obvious. If you answered B. Spending quality time with friends and family, your heart might be in the right place, but NOPE. The correct answer is clearly C. Yummy treats and tasty drinks! We know your brain capacity is probably occupied by the other options, so we wanted to make it easy for you, so we compiled a list of some of the best festive treats and drinks Sandy Springs has to offer!

Yummy Treats


Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you haven’t tried this nationally recognized cake chain then what are you doing with your life? Before heading to your familiy's holiday party, go out and grab a couple of their Bundt cakes that come in 8'' and 10'' varieties, or opt for their "Bundtlets", their version of a cupcake. Either come with multiple flavor and decor options, which you can customize on Nothing Bundt Cakes website prior to ordering!


Strive Foods

If you are looking for a treat that you know has all natural ingredients, then you’ll want to check out Strive Foods! They have a small holiday menu, offering apple pumpkin bread, sprouted buckwheat granola, cranberry-orange frozen scones, and a holiday chai parfait. You can check out the menu here, and place your order now!


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Susan Snaps

Susansnap's mission statement is simple, " To provide a simple, thoughtful and delicious way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them. Whatever the occasion, Susansnaps is here to help you show your love in a snap." ? Susan Snaps offering a variety of different holiday gift packages containing delicious gingersnap cookies! Ginger isn't the only flavor offered either; you can also try out aloha, citrus, cocoa, pnutty, and the seasonal option candy cane! You can even check out the owner, Susan Stachlers, book "The Cookie Cure", which tells the story of her journey battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma and how the Susansnaps business was born!


Sugar Shane’s

There’s nothing quite like a Sugar Shane’s cookie, and their holiday themed choices continue that trend. They’ve got the “Christmas Tree” cookie, which has a funfetti base and is filled with Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes. They’ve also got the “Bad Santa”, which has a Dark Chocolate Base, m&ms, semi-sweet chips, and a Biscoff cookie butter filling. These over-the-top cookies are a must try!


Tasty Drinks

Tre Vele

This upscale Italian restaurant decided to take part in the holiday fun this year! Tre Vele has a beautifully decorated “Jingle Bar” on their roof-top patio, and don’t worry, it’s heated! Enjoy a festive holiday cocktail, along with any of their savory entrées for a perfect night out. Make a reservation now to reserve your spot!


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The Select

The Select’s holiday pop-up bar has become an annual tradition of sorts over the years. The already stunning restaurant takes it to the next level with magnificent décor and a joyous atmosphere! They too are offering limited-time holiday drink options that are a must-try. Make sure to snap a picture of your experience, because it’s an awesome photo-op!


Nam Kitchen

Sandy Springs prides itself on the variety of cultures that are represented in its dining scene, and Nam Kitchen is a perfect example of that This year they too have put together a Holiday bar for us to partake in! Head over there and grab a drink!

Mutation Brewing

Last but certainly not least, Mutation Brewing is offering a swirl of green apple and strawberry colada frozen seltzers. aptly colored red and green for the holidays! They even want your help to name it, so head over in person or on their social media to give your suggestions.


Hopefully at least one of these options satisfy your tastebuds and invigorate you with holiday cheer. Also, we were joking earlier; spending time with your friends and family is what the holidays are all about. Though, they might drive you crazy and make you wish you were at Tre Vele or The Select with a cocktail in hand! Drink responsibly and happy holidays from Visit Sandy Springs!