Sandy Springs, Georgia was recently ranked the 10th Best City for Millennials in America. This prestigious title was awarded based on a variety of factors including job opportunities, diversity, and access to bars and restaurants. There’s lots of official data, but if that’s not enough for you, we can also provide heartfelt, biased opinion. We’ll stop polishing our nonexistent trophy for a moment so we can break down just why Sandy Springs is a great spot for young folks to live.

1. Access to bars, restaurants and coffee shops

Sandy Springs has a thriving food and drink scene, with chefs like Peter Kaiser and Jamie Adams leading the movement. And the city's just minutes away from the Chattahoochee River, where Ray’s on the River offers one of only a couple of spots in the Atlanta area where you can dine while enjoying a peaceful river view.

Then, there’s Huey Luey's, which features a rooftop margarita bar, weekly food and drink specials and live music every Friday night. What more could a millennial want? Unless, of course, it's a place to drink coffee while your pup gets pampered. In that case, there's dog wash and coffee cafe, Perk-N-Pooch.



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2. Educated residents

Thirty-seven percent of Sandy Springs residents have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 19% nationally. We slept through our math classes in college, but we are 110% sure that statistic is very impressive.

3. High diversity

Sandy Springs gets an "A" on Niche’s report card when it comes to ethnic and economic diversity. Thanks, teach! This diverse community makes for an exciting and enriching culture for all ages, with a range of foods, events and attractions that represent the people who live and work here. 

“Sandy Springs is a great place to live whether you are young and looking for job opportunities or starting a family. With it being so close to the city [of Atlanta], there are endless things to do and discover.” - Sandy Springs resident

4. Low crime

In Niche’s poll, 100% of respondents felt “safe” or “pretty safe” in this area. Nearly 70% said that Sandy Springs police officers are very visible and very responsive. Take it from this lovely resident who we did not pay for this endorsement: “I would highly recommend Sandy Springs living to anyone that would be interested. I especially love the sense of community in Sandy Springs. Not to mention the awesome police department that keeps their citizens safe.”

5. Outdoor activities

In Niche’s full report card, they give Sandy Springs an "A" for outdoor activities. That’s probably because the city sits right on the beautiful Chattahoochee River, where people float, fish, hike and even do yoga. Young people love this stuff!

Sandy Springs is Well Played

Sandy Springs is pretty young too, as far as cities go, so maybe millennials feel like it’s a kindred spirit. Learn more about our city.  If it doesn’t make you want to live here too, you’ll at least want to visit.