Looking to get a little creative with your dinner plans while you shelter in place? Take the classic "dinner and a movie" night out, and bring it home with a fun, cartoon-themed twist. We have some Disney inspired suggestions for pairing your favorite Sandy Springs restaurant takeout meal with a movie that will (almost) make you feel like you have been magically transported to the setting.

Cibo e Beve and Lady and the Tramp

Pasta + meatballs. Lady + Tramp. Two perfect pairings that make for a classic movie night. Pick up your favorite pasta dish from an Italian restaurant like Cibo e Beve and have a bella notte.



La Petite Maison and Ratatouille

Ratatouille is an ode to French cooking. However if you aren’t much of a chef yourself, you can still taste some delicious French dishes by grabbing takeout from La Petite Maison.


Canton Cook II and Mulan

You’ll be relieved the professional chefs at Canton Cook II made your delicious dinner instead of Mushu while you watch this 90s favorite. Anything from Canton Cook II is sure to be a meal worth fighting over the last bite for.


Tijuana Joe’s Cantina and Coco

The true star of this recent Pixar hit is the music, but the food in the movie sure looks goods. Grab some tamales and other Mexican favorites from Tijuana Joe’s Cantina to eat like Miguel and his family.


LemonShark Poke and Lilo & Stitch

Want to pretend you are on a tropical vacation? Head to LemonShark Poke to pick up a Hawaiian style meal and then settle down with your ‘ohana to watch Lilo & Stitch.



Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe and Hercules

You can feel like the hero of dinnertime when you pick up a tasty Greek meal from Taziki's and turn on Hercules for the family.



Crab404 and The Princess and the Frog

Okay, they may not have Tiana’s famous beignets, but Crab404 does serve gumbo just like she does in the movie! Just try watching The Princess and the Frog without some sort of snack and see how fast you start craving that gumbo.



Battle and Brew and Ralph Breaks The Internet

What could be a better pairing for this movie all about gaming than the creative dishes from our local gaming bar? Battle and Brew's curbside menu still has many of their most popular items, and they are offering fun daily specials like a Hawaiian Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich. 



Samad Mediterranean and The Avengers

The gif below is a serious mood. Pick up some delicious shawarma at Samad and eat like your favorite superheroes. You deserve it for doing your part to help flatten the curve and save small businesses at the same time! 



All of these movies are available to stream now on Disney+. However, the possibilities for pairings are endless. Check out our full list of Sandy Springs restaurants offering takeout, curbside pickup or delivery.  You can also swing by The Springs Cinema and Taphouse for to-go popcorn and beer. Enjoy!