Sandy Springs might not seem like the setting for one of the coolest Caribbean restaurants in America. But nothing is what it seems with Chef Rob. His restaurant Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe and Upscale Lounge, a Sandy Springs institution since 2006, defies expectations, with a melting pot menu of international influences and a vibe that’s chill one moment and thrilling the next.

Chef Rob isn’t just our next-door neighbor (seriously, the restaurant is right next to our Welcome Center), he’s one of our favorite local celebrities with a story that spans continents.

Brooklyn’s Finest

Chef Rob’s road to Sandy Springs started in Jamaica West Indies. From there, he journeyed stateside to Brooklyn where he found his passion for cooking as a teenager. He parlayed that passion into a career, studying at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park before landing at Justin’s, one of New York’s hottest restaurants in the ’90s owned by music impresario Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Can’t Hold Him Down

Diddy had the idea to take Justin’s to Atlanta, and voila, Chef Rob found himself just down the road in Buckhead. With a young family at the time, he wanted to set down roots and Sandy Springs, with its friendliness, diversity and convenient location, was a natural fit. He moved on from Justin’s to start his own restaurant in his newly-adopted hometown.

Good Times, City Vibes

A guy this cool shouldn’t be so warm, but when we sat down with Chef Rob we instantly felt like family. Watch the video below to learn more about the most charismatic chef in town, and find out why he loves living and working in Sandy Springs.


Until Next Time

Next time you Visit Sandy Springs, be sure to make Chef Rob’s part of the itinerary. The lounge is always buzzing with activity from Thursday-Sunday with stand-up comedy, live DJs and an atmosphere that brings Caribbean flavor to Sandy Springs, GA.


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