Thousands have rafted on it. Alan Jackson learned who he was on it. And now, hundreds have cheesed on it.

We’re speaking of the Chattahoochee River, of course. And by “cheesed” we mean “smiled for a photo.” Lots of photos. We had raft loads of great entries for our #Chattahoocheese photo contest and chose one lucky winner to receive a vacation to Sandy Springs. Meet K’Asha Wright. We interviewed K’Asha to learn more about her day on the Chattahoochee, what she plans to do with her prize and of course – the brilliant Cheez-its placement in her winning entry.

Tell us about the day you took this photo. How was your day on the Chattahoochee? What brought you there? 

My boyfriend actually surprised me with a day trip to the ‘Hooch! I had never been. The previous weekend we had walked the trails along the ‘Hooch and I had voiced that it would be fun. And it was! The water was FREEZING, but once we acclimated it was a blast. There were several people on the ‘Hooch. It was pretty cool to see the hang-out spot, the jumping rock and to just experience an excursion in your backyard. I had a great time!

Did you do anything fun in Sandy Springs while you were in the area?

We actually live in the area and often find ourselves outdoors. We've gone to the waterfalls up in Roswell, walked around at Morgan Falls, hiked a few of the trails. Of course there's the Silver Comet trail and a few different lakes. Pretty much anything with water and we're there!

Who’s with you in the picture? Are you gonna split the prize with him?

Yeah! That's AD! I'm super lucky to share my life with a similar explorative soul. And yes, we're splitting the prize. I mean after all, he did purchase the Cheez-its. And – he took the photo!

Speaking of the Cheez-its – how hilariously fitting. What's the best snack to take on the 'Hooch, in your opinion?

Although everything ends up a bit soggy on the ‘Hooch – which makes it so much easier on your digestion, I have to say – anything bite size and not too cumbersome is ideal. Hence the Cheez-its! But bite-sized Butterfingers are great too.

Judging by your Instagram, it looks like you get to travel quite a bit. What do you most enjoy about traveling? Where are your favorite places to go (besides Sandy Springs, obviously)?

I feel most at home when I am traveling. Weird but true. I am a teacher and thus my enthusiasm for learning is most fulfilled when I am free to discover new things. As I mentioned previously, anything including water, adventure and the outdoors – sign me up! Oh, and anything dealing with animals, too. My favorite place: typically a lake or anything with a slight thrill. Bungee jumping is too advanced, so not that extreme. My favorite destinations have been Thailand and Sri Lanka.

What are your three favorite hobbies?

Traveling, it's technically a hobby! Thrifting – love a good find. Sewing – when you don't have a complicated pattern it can be pretty therapeutic.

We love all the positivity you share on Instagram. Will you share your favorite inspirational thought with Sandy Springs fans?

I wrote this quote in high school: The outcome of your desire is determined by the amount of patience in your approach.

K’Asha’s prize includes a two-night stay at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North with breakfast included, a $100 gift certificate to Under the Cork Tree, two free river passes from the NOC Chattahoochee Outpost and two free tickets to the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. That’s a fantastic prize. You could win one too, if we ever do another vacation giveaway. And we probably will, so be sure to follow Visit Sandy Springs on Facebook, @VisitSandySprings on Instagram and @SandySpringsHT (someone grabbed our handle, OK) to be the first to know about it.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.