Noodles are perhaps one of the most versatile and widely loved foods in the world. After all, they come in dozens of shapes and sizes, they can be made of wheat, sesame or rice, and they can be served saucy, brothy, cheesy or in any number of other ways.All that versatility makes it no surprise that noodles are enjoyed in some fashion all around the world, and you can find a thorough sampling of the most iconic international noodle dishes right here in Sandy Springs. Whether you prefer your noodles inspired by the flavors of Italy, Japan, Vietnam or Thailand, you’ll love trying out one (or all!) of these nine noodle-focused restaurants.

1. Nam Kitchen- 


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From its comfortably modern atmosphere to its authentic Vietnamese dishes, Nam Kitchen ATL is inviting in every way. The restaurant is located in the lively City Springs district and is run by Vietnam native and Executive Chef Thuy Birch. Lunchtime noodle offerings include a variety of pho and vermicelli, while the dinner menu features delicious options like the avocado and tofu noodle salad.

2. il Giallo Osteria and Bar- 

The delicious, fresh dishes at this classy restaurant are inspired by the coastal regions of Italy, and the house-made noodles are easily the stars of the menu. Il Giallo’s selection of noodles is made fresh daily on a large wooden table where guests can actually see the pasta being made. Menu favorites include agnolotti (ravioli filled with roasted duck and fontina cheese) and the chef’s special daily risotto. Scratch-made gluten-free noodles are even available upon request.

3. Okiboru- 

One of Sandy Springs’ newest noodle destinations, Okiburo specializes in tsukemen, or “dipping ramen,” a cold noodle dish served with your choice of meat and hot broth on the side. This lesser-known cousin of the classic ramen noodle soup is very popular in Japan, but harder to find in the United States. Okiburo’s founder feels passionate about tsukemen and wants to introduce it to people around the world. Diners can choose from four different options that include a mix of noodles, vegetables, meat, and egg. You can also get the better-known ramen noodles here as well.

4. Cibo e Beve Italian Kitchen and Bar- 

Sit down to a sumptuous meal in the warm and stylish dining room of Cibo e Beve, one of Sandy Springs’ most beloved spots for an elegant night out. Choose from a vast selection of wines and Italian-inspired cocktails, which pair perfectly with noodle favorites like the signature lobster pasta or the traditional carbonara.

5. Jinya Ramen Bar-


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When Tomonori Takahashi moved from Japan to California in 2010, he quickly realized that his favorite food, ramen, was tough to find. He saw this as an opportunity to share the traditional tastes and flavors of ramen and has since opened Jinya Ramen Bars all around the United States. His menu features a dozen different ramen options including classics like chicken and pork, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

6. Pho 24- 

If you’ve ever felt like you could use some pho at 3 a.m., Pho 24 is the place for you. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this casual Vietnamese eatery is great for high-quality takeout at any time of the day or night. The vast menu offers over a dozen kinds of pho and bún, so every noodle-lover is sure to find their favorite.

7. Little Thai Cuisine-

For savory, traditional Thai food, Little Thai Cuisine is a must-visit in Sandy Springs. The menu offers five well-loved noodle dishes including pad thai, pad-see-ew, and Thai lo mein, all accompanied by an assortment of stir-fried veggies and your choice of meat or seafood.

8. Aldo’s Italian Restaurant-

When you set foot into this family-owned spot, you’re likely to be greeted and waited on by the owner himself. For nearly 35 years, Aldo’s has been serving Italian classics like steak, seafood and, of course, pasta to Sandy Springs’ locals and visitors. Fettuccine primavera with seasonal vegetables, cannelloni with spinach and mushrooms, and penne al casoli are just a sampling of the many authentic pastas on the menu, which also includes an extensive wine list with tasting notes for each selection.

9. 285 Colonial Kitchen-


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285 Colonial Kitchen was inspired by the elegant restaurants of Vietnam’s French Colonial Period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This fabulous space is adorned by a beautiful, classic wall design by artist Kacey Nguyen. Lunch guests can choose from an array of pho and bún dishes, which are accompanied by egg rolls and your choice of meat

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Written by Madison Eubanks for Matcha in partnership with Sandy Springs GA.