Taylor Swift has done a lot in her young life, like win 271 awards and date John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and then Tom Hiddleston. But has she ever done these things in Sandy Springs? We submit that she has not.

1. Floated the ‘hooch.

Taylor Swift Blog

Don’t forget your country roots, Taylor. Alan Jackson didn’t.

2. Thrown down at Battle & Brew

You can’t intimidate us with that fierce… mesmerizing… beauty…

3. Eaten a pie from Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Taylor Swift Blog

We’d throw one on stage. But in some cultures, that’s considered an insult so...

4. Played a show at Concerts by the Springs

That’d be dope.

5. Seen the sun set at Morgan Falls Overlook Park

Taylor Swift Blog

We did see a cloud there once that looked sort of like a guitar.

6. Gone on a date to Cibo e Beve

She’s been strangely absent from this Sandy Springs restaurant.

7. Driven in Atlanta rush hour traffic

Taylor Swift Blog

It’s kinda weird you haven’t done this, Taylor.

8. Participated in the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade

What, really? What are you even doing?

Truly, the list of things Taylor hasn’t done in Sandy Springs is virtually endless.

We forgive you, Taylor. Come hang in Sandy Springs anytime.