Coming up with fun, creative date ideas can be a real challenge, and it’s all too easy to fall back on the old dinner-and-a-movie routine. In Sandy Springs, there are lots of ways to have a unique and memorable date where you and your partner can try something totally new. To make planning the perfect evening as easy as possible for you, we’ve rounded up several of our best ideas for special date nights in Sandy Springs.

Throw Axes at Bury the Hatchet

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The axe-throwing craze has been sweeping the country in recent years, and we’re here to tell you that all the buzz is well deserved. Channel your inner Viking with this exciting, easy-to-learn sport. Similar to darts, throwers earn points by hitting different spots on wooden targets. At Bury the Hatchet, you and your date can even enjoy beer and wine while you engage in some friendly competition.


Get Crafty at The Sipping Plant

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For a date night that lets you bring home a super-cool souvenir, book a hands-on workshop to build your own terrarium at The Sipping Plant. You’ll start by selecting your container, and then fill it with succulents, rocks, and customizable decorations of your choice. An instructor will assist you at every step, but you’ll be free to make your terrarium uniquely your own. The Sipping Plant also offers string art classes, where guests choose a design, hammer nails into a board and then weave strings to create a special picture. As an added bonus, you can bring your own beer or wine to enjoy during your session.


Catch a Show at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center

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Downtown Sandy Springs is home to a beautiful community space known as City Springs. This walkable city center offering a vibrant place for people to gather, dine, and enjoy special events in its two main venues, the stunning Byers Theatre and the more intimate Studio Theatre. The Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center offers a full schedule of musical performances, comedians, and other special acts throughout the year in both theatres. An affiliated group, the City Springs Theatre Company, presents popular shows like Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty & the Beast, and Legally Blonde in the center's 1,070-seat Byers Theatre. Outside at City Springs, visitors can lounge on the lawn of City Green park, which hosts festivals, free concerts, and film screenings throughout the year.


Grab a Drink at a Speakeasy

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Hidden in the basement of Sandy Springs’ Taco Mac bar and restaurant is a modern-day speakeasy known as the The Chapter Room. What was once the members-only Fred Bar is now open to the public, but the ambiance of secrecy has been perfectly preserved. Low lighting, plush seats, and dark wood paneling make the Chapter Room feel cozy and uncommon all at once. The offerings include upscale bar food, wine, cocktails, and an impressive lineup of rotating beers on tap.


Test Your Creativity at Mastermind Escape Games

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This extremely popular form of reality gaming will let you and your date put your heads together and do something challenging and exciting. At Mastermind Escape Games, you’ll choose one of six rooms to be locked in, and it’s your job to solve the clues and escape within 60 minutes. Even if you’ve played an escape game before, every room is different, and Mastermind even offers two rooms that are totally unique to Sandy Springs. Make sure to book at least an hour in advance, and expect to be joined by other people in your game.


Listen to Live Music at City Green or Heritage Sandy Springs

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During the warmer spring and summer months, the City of Sandy Springs hosts a series of outdoor concerts on the lawns at City Green and Heritage Sandy Springs. These free concerts take place in the heart of Sandy Springs, and they're the perfect way to spend an evening out with your significant other without breaking the bank.

In the winter, there's still a ton going on at City Springs! The performing arts center always has new and exciting acts showcasing their talents. Check out the event schedule HERE.


See a Movie at Springs Cinema and Taphouse

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The lavish Springs Cinema and Taphouse transforms “dinner and a movie” into a truly memorable night out. The cinema's in-house restaurant offers handcrafted food and a full bar, and you can enjoy its offerings before, during, or after your movie. Check the diverse list of films showing, and decide whether you’d like to see an old classic, an independent arthouse film, or a current blockbuster hit. Then, settle into a comfy heated recliner to enjoy the show.


Get Your Game On at Battle & Brew

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Want to have little bit of competition with your date? Stop into Battle and Brew for an evening of games, games, and well, more games. With hundreds of video and board games ranging from Monopoly to Mario Kart, this unique hangout will keep you and your date entertained for hours. Fuel up on fantasy-themed snacks like Dragon Talons or the Mushroom Kingdom Burger, and choose from an extensive list of beer, wine, and cocktails. Gaming stations are reserved by the hour, so you can stake out one spot all night or mix and match your play.


Get Creative at Painting with a Twist

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If creating a beautiful masterpiece with your date sounds oh-so-romantic, reserve a couple’s class at Sandy Springs’ Painting with a Twist studio. The paintings are predetermined, so you can book your session based on which design you’d like to complete. In the couples’ classes, partners create paintings that can stand alone or fit together to form one cohesive picture. An experienced local artist will walk you through the process, and you can bring your own beer or wine to enjoy while you’re painting. The best part is that you get to take your creation home with you the same day!

Let the Stress Out at Splatter Studio

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If you prefer your art to have a little more... expression, then Splatter Studio could be just the place! They offer what they call "contemporary action painting", which is a decent descriptor, but probably still doesn't capture how crazy the painting can actually get. Session are usually booked in hour long blocks, and in that time period you and your date can paint as peacefully or as maniacally as you so please! Definitely a great way to relieve some built up stress, and maybe show a side that you both hadn't seen before. Mess ready clothes will be provided, and team members will be there to help you if you need a bit of inspiration. Like Painting with a Twist, you'll get to leave with whatever masterpiece you created that day as well!

While chemistry is undoubtedly crucial when it comes to a successful date, it also helps if you do activities that spark your creativity or get your heart pumping. Whether you and your date prefer painting or tossing axes, you’ll find no shortage of fun, unusual things to do for a memorable night in Sandy Springs.

Written by Madison Eubanks for Matcha in partnership with Sandy Springs GA.