Ever since its incorporation in 2005, the city of Sandy Springs has been on a mission to provide a wealth of community events and cultural activities for its residents and visitors. In pursuit of that goal, the city and its citizens have launched numerous creative initiatives and brought art in all shapes and forms into Sandy Springs. A major area of focus has been installing outdoor works of art that everyone can enjoy, and unique masterpieces can now be found all over town. This list highlights a few of the most beloved, unique, and Instagram-worthy sculptures and murals around Sandy Springs.

1. Art Walk


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1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


As part of the second annual ArtSS in the Open Sculpture Competition, nine sculptures have been installed around the City Green entertainment lawn at City Springs, Sandy Springs's new shopping and dining district. The sculptures, which have names like Billow, Boreas, and Flora Duet, create a "gallery without walls" that visitors can enjoy on a self-guided tour as they stroll through City Springs. The colorful "Groovy Peace Sign" created by Joe and Terry Malesky has already proven to be popular with the kiddos. 

In February of 2020, Sandy Springs selected and purchased four of the previous year's contest sculptures to keep in the city permanently, and plan to host the contest again as a way to continue bringing new art into the community. Visitors can spot two of the 2019 sculptures, Joni Younkins Herzog’s Delilah and Nathan Pierce's Optimistical, right outside Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park. 


2. Murals at The Prado Parking Garage


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5600 Roswell Rd STE 200, Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Parking garages, with their gray blocks of concrete, are the last place one might expect to find art. This idea is exactly what led Mr. Totem, a mysterious local graffiti artist, to spice things up at the local shopping mall. Thanks to him, three levels of the parking garage at The Prado shopping complex are decorated with colorful, floor to ceiling murals. Now, mall visitors can enjoy these eye-catching works of art while they wait for the elevator to their cars.

3. Whimsey Wall

5600 Roswell Rd STE 200, Sandy Springs, GA 30342


The Whimsey Wall is just one of the many fantastic sculptures that make up the Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park. This unique park features large outdoor sculptures that are specifically designed for kids to touch, climb, and play on. The Whimsey Wall was created by artist Reham Aarti and is made of shimmery mosaic glass laid into a concrete and steel block. The beautiful, colorful wall invites kids to explore its many different textures and surfaces as they play.


4. 8bit Mural


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5920 Roswell Rd a120, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


This video game-themed mural appears on the side of Battle and Brew, a favorite local hangout in downtown Sandy Springs. Battle and Brew is a full-service bar and restaurant with an interesting twist—it offers hundreds of video games and board games that visitors can enjoy solo or with family and friends.

The 8bit Mural features a pixelated draft beer in front of crossed video game-style swords, making it a perfect complement to what goes on inside Battle and Brew. Matt Evans, the mural’s creator, has also done work for the City of Atlanta, the Atlanta Falcons, and many other local organizations.


5. Spiderwalk


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70 Abernathy Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Another of the playable masterpieces at the Abernathy Greenway, Spiderwalk is a spider-inspired jungle gym that was installed in 2014. The artist, Phil Proctor, says he got the idea for Spiderwalk when he realized that both his wife and young daughter were terrified of spiders. By turning a spider into something fun and non-scary, he believes he can help kids (and adults) overcome this common fear. The enormous sculpture is bright yellow and features ladders, handles, and long spindly legs where kids can climb and play.


6. Low-Poly Open Heart 

6110 Blue Stone Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Tucked into the beautiful lawns of the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park, Low-Poly Open Heart is a symbol of love in multiple ways. It was created by artist Matthew Duffy as part of a series inspired by him missing her while she was overseas on a business trip. It was then purchased in memorial for Sandy Springs resident Ruth Hackner by a group of her friends. Now, it sits beside a popular wedding venue and makes an excellent addition to couples portraits. 

The next time you find yourself walking around Sandy Springs, be sure to have your camera at the ready to capture the beautiful art the city has to offer.

Written by Madison Eubanks for Matcha in partnership with Sandy Springs GA.