Is your name Waldo? ‘Cause we could pick you out of any crowd.

1. You know all the ways to avoid Roswell Road during rush hour.


2. And speaking of rush hour…


3. You’ll keep East Palisades a secret ‘til your death.

Cat’s out of the bag now.

4. But you’re never gonna die thx to "Pill Hill".


5. The King & Queen buildings are more than just buildings.


6. Re: buildings. How excited are you for City Springs to be finished?


7. You treat the Sandy Springs turtles like celebrities.


8. You refer to businesses on Roswell Road by their four digits. 

  • 6060 - Dunkin Donuts
  • 5600 - The Prado
  • 4920 - Fountain Oaks
  • 4840 - American Pie (R.I.P.)

9. You’re not offended when someone says they’re shooting the ‘hooch.


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