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Battle & Brew

Battle & Brew is Atlanta’s first Game Bar. Opened in 2005, Battle & Brew had a very modest menu, a few beer taps, and focused heavily on gaming. Now we have grown to encompass so much more. They have pioneered Geek Trivia in Atlanta, and remain the hardest trivia in town. They have upgraded the menu from only a few items to all your bar favorites and some soon-to-be favorites. They've expanded the gaming and keep everything top of the line. They've taken their great place and made it your great place. A place where the staff listens to your desires and suggestions. A place where you and your friends feel like you’re at home. A place where everyone knows your game™.

Meeting Facilities
COVID-19 Operations Status
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  • Late-Night Dining:
Food Service
  • Offers Brunch:
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  • Specials and Additional Information: Parties of 6 or less
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Facility Info
  • Description Battle and Brew offers ample space to accommodate a variety of special events up to 400 guests. They also offer smaller and more intimate options in their more exclusive VIP Steampunk area.
  • Reception Capacity 400