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Titles at Twilight - Mike Castronis


In "A Football Story", Castronis chronicles the story about a high school football in the rural south in the late 1960s. In a time when the school system should have begun the process of desegregation, the old “separate but equal” system prevailed. It is a fictional story of possibilities, when a football crazy town begins to understand what might happen to their team if African Americans were able to play. The motives might be questionable but the results are heartwarming. In the end it becomes one boy's attempt to make his town and his team better. 

Titles @ Twilight promotes local authors, whose stories of history and the South represent a variety of perspectives. Join us each month for a new topic and new perspective! Titles @ Twilight is FREE to attend and takes place in the Community Room at the Heritage Sandy Springs administrative building, 6110 Blue Stone Road.