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SommTalk and Tasting with Harry Constantinescu, CSW, Atlanta's Top Sommelier 2010


"The Novice's Guide to Drinking Wine"

Have you ever asked yourself:

- How is wine made? Where does it come from?
- How do I identify a wine in a blind tasting? What are the basic wine types and grape varietals and how do they taste?
- What is the proper way to order wine in a do I understand a complicated wine list?
- How do I correctly open a bottle of wine at a party?
- What are some basic food and wine pairings and why do they go together so well?

Join us for this popular wine tasting/seminar conducted by Harry Constantinescu CS, CSW, former Director of Wine at the St. Regis Atlanta, President of the Knights of Wine Society and Atlanta's Top Sommelier 2010! A native of Romania, Harry has been immersed in winemaking since working on his family's vineyard as a child. He has a lifetime of experience, a world of knowledge and an underlying fervor for wine.

We'll be tasting 6 wines at this event and there will be fun trivia questions, prizes and a raffle to keep you engaged every step of the way. Seating is limited to 20 people, so don't hesitate! Secure your spot now by registering at