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Sandy Springs Lantern Parade - Take It To The River 2019


Mark your calendars for June 15, 2019. The 4th Annual Sandy Springs Lantern Parade celebrating the Chattahoochee starts at Steel Canyon Golf Club and ends at Morgan Falls Overlook Park. The Sandy Springs “Take It To the River” Lantern Parade, is full of colorful lanterns lighting up the night as you march downhill to Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

Last year, Chantelle introduced new dragonfly and great blue heron "puppet" lanterns to interact with the audience. They will be back again in 2019, along with the swans, Lilly and Billy, Alice the 25-foot albino alligator, Big Mama Sandy the turtle, and Jeremiah the bullfrog, accompanied by his lilies. Once the parade reaches the river, paddlers from High Country Outfitters will escort select lanterns to the river for a floating parade.

 Hope to see you there!