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Learn To Curl 2018


Ready to try your hand at the sport of curling? Atlanta Curling Club's 1 hour Learn to Curl class will explain how scoring works, what’s the point of sweeping. You’ll have the opportunity to come back and play a 2-hour game for free! Once you are comfortable with delivering a stone and sweeping, you get to play a game consisting of several “ends.” 

All equipment is provided and all you need is loose fitting clothing and sneakers.  Curling adapts easily for anyone with mobility issues. Class check-in time is 10 minutes before your selected start time.

Players can release the stone upright using a delivery stick (no bending required) or launching from the hack. This is a sport that relies on finesse rather than strength or speed – which makes it a true level playing field. Curling is a fun, inclusive and social sport, so feel free to sign up by yourself or bring some friends.