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Lantern Workshops 2019: Globe Lanterns


This lantern workshop is hosted by Chantelle Rytter for the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade on June 15th!! Your creative play is what makes the magic! 

Globe lanterns are great fun! They can be very simple or fantastically complex with detailed paper designs, drawings, streamers, ears, beaks, or wings! It is relaxing to luxuriate with paper details. The base lantern is a 20" globe. The lanterns attach to a 4’ bamboo pole and have a 3-LED battery operated light. Globes and parasols are the best choice for small children with a dedicated assistant. Kids with scissors skills will want their own lanterns! Young kids wear out sometimes - please know that you can take all the paper you need to finish at home if you need to split. 

All materials, light, and batteries included. You are welcome to bring a beverage and a snack. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Tickets are per lantern. (ie. Mom & Child are making one lantern together. They only need one ticket.) Tickets are non-refundable. Please do your best to be on time. Thanks!

Questions? Contact Chantelle Rytter: or call 678-612-2570.