It's no secret that Georgia can get pretty hot during the summer. There's no better way to cool off during your summertime trip to Sandy Springs than by enjoying one of these ice-cold treats from some of our favorite local businesses.

Indian Ice Cream From Kwality Ice Cream

If you're looking to branch out from your regular Ben & Jerry’s, consider indulging in delicious ice cream, cassata, kulfi, falooda, milkshakes and ice cream cakes from Kwality Ice Cream. They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors, including cookies and cream, rose petal, mango, pistachio, sitafa (sugar-apple), and spicy guava. If you're looking for something really special you can’t get everywhere in metro Atlanta, try their Badshahi Falooda. This traditional Indian dessert is a rose petal ice cream shake with scoops of malai kulfi, falooda (rice noodles) and takmaria (basil) seeds, and zest of rose syrup. 


A Tea Treat From Teamo

Teamo serves a variety of iced- fruit, milk, cheese, herbal, and matcha teas with many flavor and topping options to choose from. One of their most popular teas is the Supermeme fruit tea that contains seven different kinds of fruits- blueberry, dragonfruit, lemon, mango, strawberry, pineapple and kiwi. Teamo provides itself on not only creating high quality tea drinks, but also giving their guests an excellent experience. They craft each tea based on the customer's sugar and ice level preferences.


Cold Beer From Pontoon Brewing

Pontoon Brewing creates craft beers that are perfect for the pontoon lifestyle, which means they're a great way to cool down on a hot day. During the warmer months, the Pontoon Taproom offers hard seltzers and slushies on draft in addition to their beers. Customers can also purchase King of Pops and Yom Ice Cream in the taproom to enjoy with your beverage of choice.


Custard From Cheeseburger Bobby’s

Craving some rich and dense frozen custard? Head to Cheeseburger Bobby’s. In addition to stellar burgers and fries, this burger joint offers frozen custard served up in sundaes, concretes, shakes, and waffle cones. Choose a classic flavor like vanilla or chocolate, or a slightly more unique offering like turtle or blueberry cheesecake. Make sure to get a side of fries to dip into your custard!


Loaded Nitrogen Ice Cream Cups From Sub Zero

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is a chain serving ice cream and yogurt that can be customized and is then flash-frozen at -321 degrees with liquid nitrogen. First you chose your base and flavor, then you select your mix-ins, and finally you watch it freeze! The end result is a tasty, fun, and unique STEM-powered ice cream experience. 


Rush Bowls

If you're craving something sweet with a healthy twist, check out Rush Bowls. They serve fully customizable fruit bowls and smoothies, with a wide variety of fruits, veggies, toppings, add-ins, and milk-types. They also offer a frozen treat for your pup!