If you work remotely part-or-full time, you might find yourself needing a change in your workspace scenery to inspire some productivity. Maybe it's the smell of coffee fueling you in your local coffee shop, or the fact that you can see the world happening around you that helps you focus. No matter what it is, we're sure you'll find the perfect spot to work in Sandy Springs!


Just Love Coffee

Located off Hammond Drive, Just Love Coffee offers ample space to ensure a productive work session. Their colorful murals and waffle-inspired décor provide an uplifting environment, and their food and beverage options are amazing (especially the Womlette)! To top it all off, they donate 25% of merchandise sales to support local animal rescue services, so grab yourself a shirt on your way out!  


Apron and Ladle

Apron and Ladle is a European-influenced breakfast & lunch spot that specializes in scratch-made biscuits. They have a separate area from the main dining room that is meant for those looking for a place to sit down a while and get some work done!


Teamo Tea Cafe

If you’d prefer to sip on tea while you work, then Teamo Tea Café is a must for you. Their wall plants and other interesting décor create a chill vibe that could even make for a picturesque zoom background if needed. Enjoy tasty, yet guilt-free, fruit teas, like their "Supreme" which contains fruits including blueberry, dragonfruit, lemon, mango, strawberry, pineapple & kiwi!


Café Vendome

Want to simulate studying in Paris from the comfort of Sandy Springs? Now you can at Café Vendome! This quaint bakery works hard to create an authentic Parisian atmosphere for their customer and offers a selection of refined pastries, baguettes and coffees. Maybe try to sneak in a french duolingo session while you're there!


Café I am

Café I Am takes inspiration from their South African and Portuguese roots and blends them together to create an interesting ambience. The outdoor seating is a solid location to get in the right headspace to work and enjoy some fresh air. Try out their breakfast or a panini while you're there. 


Tre Vele

Another internationally-influenced restaurant, Tre Vele, boasts outdoor patio seating as well as an indoor café. Their Italian cuisine might prove to be a distraction, however, as the aromas of freshly-baked pizza and handmade pasta waft through the air. If you can overcome that, then this is the spot for you!



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Honorable Mentions:

City Springs

City Springs' outdoor seating by City Green is a lovely area that has a serene landscape and a calming atmosphere. The only downside is the summer heat, but don't worry, there is a splash pad only a few feet away to cool down! The bustling city vibes and the beautiful architecture will make you quickly forget about any negatives! If you get hungry while working or just need a break, don't hesitate to check out the nearby restaurants including The Select, Flower Child, and Nam Kitchen!

Sandy Springs Library

This one speaks for itself; you can't go wrong with a good, old-fashioned library. Nothing promotes productivity like a library can, which probably has something to do with being surrounded by literal knowledge. If you want pure, uninterrupted focus, then look no further!

Whether your internet is out or you just want a change of scenery, these places will provide an ideal environment to get work done!